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  from the pandemic


In 2020 the world dramatically came to a halt.


People ate and drank at home, vacationed at home, shopped at home, went to school at home. Everything we needed was delivered to our door in bags and boxes that we promptly discarded as excess waste. 


So during this year we continued to consume massive amounts of material.


While in this inattentive state, we created even further strain on our planet, already burdened with rubbish.

Recycling centers, that we depended on to remove our detritus, no longer find it profitable to sell our trash to the third world, so it gets jettisoned into the ocean, buried in the outskirts of town, or burned, which add pollutants to the air we breathe.


In this series, I seek to create a mindfulness about our wasted materials and ask if it Is possible for humanity to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle in a consumer culture? Or are we trapped in this destructive cycle of consumption?

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