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Poppies, mixed media, 4'x5'

My modus operandi changes and is often based on random events and continuous external agitation. Sometimes I start a painting or sculpture by jumping in spontaneously, arranging shape, color, and form until it intuitively spurs a direction or inspiration. Other times, inspiration comes more directly in the way of metaphors from film, books, iconic images, life etc…that typically lead to a deeper meaning and understanding. My recent work in cardboard was inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins and evolved from there into the Land of Oz. I wanted to create big bold and colorful pieces. 

New Works
by Anne Olsen Daub
June 12 - July 17



Parts of Tin
mixed media, 4'x5'

All that Glitters
mixed media, 4'x5'

Good witch.jpeg

Good Witch
mixed media, 16"x18"

Evil witch.jpeg

Bad Witch
mixed media, 16x16